Prairie Poppy Cloisonné Necklace




It was the bright red poppy that inspired the Cherokee Red color of Frank Lloyd Wright’s red signature squares. King’s beautiful cloisonné Prairie Poppy pendant captures that inspiration beautifully. Cloisonné is an enameling process that dates back to the Byzantine Empire. The decoration is formed by adding compartments (cloisons in French) be adhering thin strips of gold or silver wire to the backing plate. Glass enamel powder is then packed into the compartments wet, and headed to 1450° Fahrenheit to produce the effect. Several fillings and are required to produce a work of unmatched clarity in the transparent enamel.

Local jewelry artist, Gretchen King, designs and produces wearable works of art that reflect the unique architectural heritage of Mason City. Her work is perfect for visitors looking for exclusive and commemorative jewelry.


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FLW Tile Photo credit: Friends of Cedar Rock


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Cloisonné Enamel, Silver