do-cent [doh-suh not; Ger. doh-tsent]
A person who is a knowledgeable guide, especially one who conducts visitors through a museum and delivers a commentary on the exhibitions.

The Historic Park Inn Hotel, the last remaining¬† hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the world, is not a museum, but an operating hotel waiting to be experienced by guests and visitors alike. As a Wright on the Park docent, you will help deepen the experience of these visitors as you offer insights into the design and impact of Wright’s work and its significance today.

Training includes background on Frank Lloyd Wright and his arrival in Iowa, Prairie School Architecture, history of the hotel and bank building and the fascinating story of the saving and restoration of an architectural treasure, as well as practice tours of the hotel.

Consider joining our outstanding corps of volunteers for The Historic Park Inn Hotel. You will not only meet new people from the community, but from around the world.

To learn more about joining our corp of volunteers call:
Wright on the Park at 641.423.0689 or e-mail info@wrightonthepark.org