Charles H. MacNider Museum Partners with Wright on the Park for Rock Crest – Rock Glen Walking Tours



Charles H. MacNider Museum Partners with Wright on the Park for Walking Tours

The Charles H. MacNider Museum is pleased to announce a new partnership between the Museum and Wright on the Park (WOTP).  The Museum’s well-known historic walking tours of Rock Crest / Rock Glen will continue on in coming years under the supervision and management of WOTP.  Last spring the Museum staff was approached by staff of Wright on the Park about assisting with the popular tours.  After months of collaborative talks the Museum Board of Trustees voted at the September board meeting to approve the an agreement allowing for Wright on the Park to begin giving tours.  Starting January 1, 2019, Wright on the Park will assume organizing and performing tours, will full operations turned over after 24 months.

This change in managing organization will allow the MacNider Museum to further develop walking tours for the popular Sculpture Walk, which has been frequently requested in recent years.  This more closely aligns with our mission as an American Art Museum.  In addition, Wright on the Park, an architecturally-focused organization, will further expand the historic walking tour.  The shifting of these duties will allow both organizations to enhance and improve work that follows their mission.

The Museum developed the historic walking tour of the architecturally significant neighborhood in the early 1990’s as the area began to become known as a pocket of architecture that was hidden in the Midwest.  The Museum enhanced the walking tours in recent years by developing an audio tour, and using historic before and after photos as educational materials on the tour.

Wright on the Park was organized in 2005 in an effort to educate and preserve the Historic Park Inn, the last remaining Frank Lloyd Wright Hotel in the world.  The community has seen an increase in interest about architecture, both from visitors outside the community as well as residents after the restoration of the hotel.

Tours up to January 1, 2019 should continue to call the MacNider Museum at 641-421-3666 for bookings. Thereafter contact Wright on the Park at 641-423-0689.